Private Dir?

Hendrik den Hartog hendrik at
Fri Jul 16 07:16:13 GMT 1999

 First, thanks for the Replys to recent queries. Much appreciated. But,
 although I'm getting there,  I've met another 'hurdle'..

 First - I'm running 2.0.3 on a Linux/RedHat5.2 Box.
 I've followed the DOCs RE:Adding a NT Server to the SAMBA PDC passwd Files,
 and everything checks out as per the DOCS....until where they say that (RE)
 starting smbd creates a file XXXX.SID in the a Directory called 'private'
 (a) I didn't have a Directory called 'private', so I created one in 
    /home/samba/  - but nothing got added to this?
 (b) There is a File called 'MACHINE.SID' in /etc  (The workgroup parameter
     is 'school' - so where does 'MACHINE' come from?)
  So, how do I set the path to 'private' or else where is 'private' supposed
  to be? (on RedHat 5.2?)   

   Hendrik den Hartog- Pasadena Intermediate School- Auckland- NZ

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