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a primary can be demoted, by promoting another backup.  Since you can only have
one primary on a network, the promotion of a backup to that primary, makes the
original primary, become a secondary.

(what a mouthful)

Steven Kirks wrote:

> As I've been taught and someone (I think) has already said:
> NT Servers can be:  Primary DC, Backup DC, and stand alone
> A Backup DC be promoted to a Primary DC.  Primary DC's are always Primary
> DC's.  Your only solution is to reinstall.
> Sorry if it's redundant.  Glad to finally contribute.
> Steve Kirks
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> > What I can't remember is whether you have to reinstall the OS. If you want
> > to go from domain member to DC then you have to reinstall, but I've never
> > done it in the other direction.
> I beleive you can turn a PDC to stadalone but not the other way around..
> Its always better to re-install NT anyway, as you donno what leftover junk
> from being a PDC is laying around the registry waiting to bite you
> later..
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