Domain Group Map inquiry

Panagiotis Malakoudis pmal at
Thu Jul 15 12:28:41 GMT 1999

 Any help on the following would be much appreciated,
 I have a linux box running RH6 kernel 2.2.10. I also have an PDC running
 WinNT SP5.
 I wanted to setup Samba in such a way to authenticate from the PDC. I
 got to do that by selecting Domain Security Level. Now here is the
 I tryied the following to a shared directory under Samba.
 [Personal Space]
 comment = My Home Directory
 path = /home/%g
 public = yes
 writeable = yes
 Eventhough I can authenticate all requests through the PDC, samba cannot
 read the group file from the PDC. If I change the above and type instead
 of %g, %u it works (that how I know there is nothing wrong with the
 I tryied to map NT DOMAIN groups by means of the domain group map ption
but I got the following: 
 [1999/07/15 14:51:34 0] param/loadparm.c:lp_do_parameter(1954)
   Ignoring unknown parameter "domain group map"
 I searched through the faq and the archive of this mailing list and some
people suggested to upgrade (or in most cases) downgrade to the cvs
version of samba which is actually reaaaaly old.
 Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?
 Best Regards,
 Panagiotis Malakoudis
 System Administrator
 Space Hellas S.A.

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