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Matthias Wächter matthias at
Thu Jul 15 09:00:27 GMT 1999

Sorry, lost Hendrik's address...

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Michael Glauche wrote:

> >  2. Will SAMBA-PDC authentication work from the Win9x clients and
> >     the NT server without using encrpted PW's - IF the appropriate
> >     registry alterations are done?
> Yes.

?? For only Win9x clients, yes. For NT workstations as PDC members you do
need encrypted PWs. For NT workstations not PDC members you don't, but
then you need the registry patches. Using encrypted passwords, no registry
patch is necessary, neither for Win9x nor for NT.

> >  3. The NT server has been set as PDC [by the supplier] - do I need to
> >     re-install NT to be able to use it with a SAMBA PDC
> I dont't think so.

NT server can only act as a PDC or BDC. It can't be a simple NT
(workstation) domain member AFAIK.

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