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Hendrik den Hartog hendrik at
Thu Jul 15 07:12:21 GMT 1999


 I'm a teacher whose responsibility includes looking after the Computers
 as our site - and am *not* a techno. We've/I've happily used a Linux
 server/SAMBA combination for our clients, but now we have a NT server
 and a bunch of Windows98 clients to 'tack' onto our NET. All the users
 are set up on the Linux box.
 I can cope with upgrading SAMBA -'rpms' :-) (we currently use 2.0.3), 
 but the process of D/Lding the csv, then using the head branch code 
 is unrealistic for me. [too hard] 
 I note that the 2.0.x releases can be a Domain PDC/controller for Win9x
 and for the NT server I'd appreciate some simple Y/N answers to the 
 below so I can work out how to proceed..
 1. Can users change their SAMBA-PDC PW's from a Win9x client?
 2. Will SAMBA-PDC authentication work from the Win9x clients and 
    the NT server without using encrpted PW's - IF the appropriate
    registry alterations are done?
 3. The NT server has been set as PDC [by the supplier] - do I need to 
    re-install NT to be able to use it with a SAMBA PDC 
            Pasadena Intermediate School- Auckland- NZ

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