multiple valued workgroup definition

ics_pto ics_pto at
Wed Jul 14 02:02:44 GMT 1999

Yes, it is treated as a string and I verified it by using NT's browser.  However,
could you point me to where in the source code this value is processed?   Thanks

It seems to me this is a bug and should be fixed.  Even though the string is
printable and viewable by nbtstat, but it is not recorganized as a valid NetBIOS
name.  Could it be  the space in the string? .


Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, ics_pto wrote:
> > Could anyone point to me where is the source code that reads and processes the
> > workgroup parameter when process the smb.conf file?   It seems to me that samba
> > accepts multi-value workgroup assignment but Windows doesn't.  For example if I
> > have the following entry in my smb.conf:
> >
> > workgroup = group1, group2, group3
>               0123456789abcde
> > What will it be perceived by a samba server?
> workgroup = "group1, group2,"

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