12+ character shares

Filipe José Alves filipejalves at gemariah.fpce.uc.pt
Tue Jul 13 11:33:37 GMT 1999

Hi there!

I have a server with linux redhat 5.2, kernel and samba .

I have samba acting as a PDC server and everything is working fine.

I have NT4.0 workstations logging on to the samba PDC

My problem is that we have some users with the username longer than 12
characters ( in Portugal we have long names!!!). So as you can imagine I
can't share homes with more than 12 characters between Nt4.0 and samba.

The confusing part is that Nt4.0 Wkst can see the shares but cant access
them, while in samba, with "smbclient" I can access the share!!! If I create
a share in NT4.0 server with more than 12 characters, NT4.0 Wkst can see and
access them while samba can't see, with "smbclient -L", but can access

Can someone give some more insight about this problem and is there any other
way to solve this rather than changing all usernames with more than 12



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