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At 09:08 PM 12/07/1999 +1000, RLDF wrote:
>Hi, i'm using a samba 2.0.3 with encrypted passwords and domain logon (PDC).
>I have another linux for mails and i want to get these passwords to log in
>the domain some win3.1, win95 and winNT workstation machines.
>i try the command
>cat /etc/passwd.smb | /usr/bin/mksmbpasswd > /etc/
>is it possible ?

I run a system where the samba PCD is the only passwd source. There is also
a linux machine that does all our email stuff, it runs pam_smb. The IMAP
server uses pam_smb to check the email user's passwd against the PDC. Very
easy and much simpler to maintain. It seemed a good idea to have the
passwds on a machine that is a little less visible than the email server too. 

I use a cron job to create 'dumb' users on the email machine whenever new
users are added to the PDC, (same system adds them to several other
servers, all running as samba domain members, at the same time). When used
for IMAP email, the dumb users must have a valid home directory unlike on
the other plain file and print servers where they call /dev/null home.

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