TotalNET Advanced Server v5.4

Matthew Keller kellermg at
Mon Jul 12 20:41:16 GMT 1999

David Krovich wrote:
>         I think I've got eval copies sitting with my SGI and Sun machines.
> I'll check, and if I have it I'll load it up and see how it does.

	Is it the current version? It's fairly new.

Everyone (esp. Luke)-
	From their website:

 Syntax is pleased to announce NT logon support in TotalNET Advanced
Server v. 5.4. This
 exciting new feature in TAS has been added in response to the high
demand from our customers.
 Syntax is committed to meeting the growing and changing needs of our
customers, and in an effort
 to continue our superior customer support and satisfaction, we have
added NT logon support to
 the list of the many features and benefits that TAS brings to an open
environment. TAS no longer
 requires NT domain controllers in the network to provide NT user
authentication. TAS now
 supports the protocols necessary for user logon authentication and
creation of a domain. This also
 allows NT 3.51 and 4.0 workstations, as well as stand alone servers, to
join the TAS domain and
 utilize the TAS server as an NT logon server for authentication. This
feature has been designed to
 allow TAS users to create an even more seamless and easy-to-administer
environment in a
 heterogeneous network and to address specific needs of NT users.

 The Windows NT domain consists of a group of NT servers that share
security and user account
 information. Currently, only NT systems are allowed to participate
within an NT domain using
 protocols that authenticate user logon, replicate the Security Accounts
Manager (SAM) database,
 and allow remote administration of the SAM database. TAS 5.4 implements
a subset of these
 protocols for user logon authentication, enabling a TAS 5.4 user to
create a domain without NT
 servers acting as domain controllers. This also allows NT workstations
and servers to join the TAS
 domain and receive logon authentication from the TAS server.


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