Mon Jul 12 11:06:10 GMT 1999

Hi, i'm using a samba 2.0.3 with encrypted passwords and domain logon (PDC).
I have another linux for mails and i want to get these passwords to log in
the domain some win3.1, win95 and winNT workstation machines.
It work well when it create manually smbpasswd passwords.
I made a bash script to get the passwd from the mail server and add the
users from the gid i want in the passwd of the samba PDC.

i try the command
cat /etc/passwd.smb | /usr/bin/mksmbpasswd > /etc/
but the passwords aren't converted :( it's like ->
:[U      ]:LCT-00000000:Michel Robert
and i want something like
:[U      ]:LCT-3784BD30:Michel Robert

is it possible ?

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