become root depth is non zero (ldap)

Bertl bs at
Sun Jul 11 19:11:04 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> doug,
> the code in there needs to be revisited. it's not a high priority, for me,
> as i have too many other things to do (sorry, that's a fact not an
> excuse).

well, I looked at the code and I think the outer
become_-/unbecome_root pair is useless.
patch attached...

WARNING: I might be totally wrong!!

> if someone wants to update the smbpassfile code, and then write a script /
> utility to convert unix groups to nt groups in smbgroupfile, smbaliasfile
> and smbbuiltinfile, then please let the lists know: this is the best way
> to handle this problem.

so you suppose a total rewrite of the code? my knowledge
about nt is nearly void, so probably i'm not the right one
to go after this... guess I'll have to read plenty of
documents... :}

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--- srv_lookup.c.orig	Sun Jul 11 20:46:05 1999
+++ srv_lookup.c	Sun Jul 11 20:19:54 1999
@@ -82,9 +82,7 @@
 		uint8  attr  = mem[count].attr;
 		char   *name = mem[count].name;
-		become_root(True);
 		status = lookup_name(name, &sid, &type);
-		unbecome_root(True);
 		if (status == 0x0 && !sid_front_equal(&global_sam_sid, &sid))

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