Serving as a PDC for multiple domains

Matthew Keller kellermg at
Sun Jul 11 19:19:05 GMT 1999

Viraj Alankar wrote:
> Hello,
>         I would like to know if there is anyone using PDC samba to serve
> multiple domains. We are thinking about setting up multiple IP addresses
> on our network interface, each having their own samba bind to it, and each
> serve a different domain. Is this plausible and is there anyone using this
> method? Any other suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

	I've been fiddling with this to serve our two current domains
('Academic' and 'Admin') while we migrate to a single-domain system. It
works pretty good- Just make sure you have separate 'private'
directories, otherwise machine SID's and whatnot get clobbered and
things turn bad... It still doesn't work quite right, but it is doable. 
	Two IP addresses is a must, IMHO. I had it sorta working with only one,
but some clients wouldn't recognize the server as a DC... Two IPs took
care of that.


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