Head branch without encrypted passwords

David Krovich dkrovich at wvu.edu
Sun Jul 11 19:06:01 GMT 1999

	Yeah me too.  But my reason for doing this is ease of migration.  
With dual personalities, I can setup a server that excepts encrypted passwords
with one personality, and plain text passwords with another personality.
Then I can leisurely reconfigure all the client machines at my own pace.

	Samba is already widely deployed at my organization using plain
text passwords, so if I had to go to encrypted passwords all in one
day it would be a huge pain.

	In your case, I'm guessing in your case you haven't patched the 
registry, so you're getting the expected behavior:  NT 4.0 can't connect to 
a plain text password server.  In my case I have patched the registry, so
I should be able to connect to a plain text password server with an NT 4.0
client, but I can't with the HEAD branch.  Only with 2.0.4b and anything 

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On Sun, 11 Jul 1999, Matthew Keller wrote:

> David Krovich wrote:
> >
> >         You can patch the registry to enable NT 4.0 w/ Service Pack 3
> > to talk to a plain text server.  (Which I have done)  Plus, plain text
> > passwords work fine with NT 4.0 w/ SP3 connecting to 2.0.4b, just not with
> > the HEAD branch.
> 	Interesting... My 2.0.3, 2.0.4b and HEAD distributions all are
> inaccessible from my NT's if encryped passwords if off. *shrug* Oh well,
> I would rather have them encypted anyhow.
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