Local administrator privileges?

Fred Nicolls nicolls at dip.ee.uct.ac.za
Sat Jul 10 12:33:58 GMT 1999


Firstly, thanks to everyone involved for a great piece of software.

I'm having problems granting a domain user access to the local NT machine as
administrator (or as belonging to the Administrators group).  I've set
everything up *exactly* as shown in the nt-dom FAQ

Have I misunderstood something here?  Should the user "root" on the NT box
automatically have admin privileges on the local resources (like disk
permissions or the local user database)?  Is it necessary to set up anything on
the NT machine to permit this?  If I log in as local Administrator and add
WORKGROUP\Domain Admins to the local Administrators group then everything works
fine, but the docs suggest that this isn't necessary (and I doubt I'd be able
to force the users in our domain to do this on their machines).

Any clarity on this issue would be much appreciated.  For what it's worth, I'm
running Samba on a Solaris-2.5.1 box (NIS+, etcetera).


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