Windows 2000 and Samba PDC 2.1.0 pre

Hans Meiser yoshie0815 at
Sat Jul 10 09:17:46 GMT 1999

I have got 3 big problems with Samba 2.1.0-prealpha (latest CVS Sources) and 
Windows 2000.

Biggest prob:
I successfully joined the Samba PDC with Windows NT 4.0 WS Clients (Service 
Pack 3 and 5) but I can't join the Samba PDC with Win 2000 Prof (Build 2072) 
while getting the error message:
"The domain "ACME" is either invalid or does not exist."

2nd problem:
Trying to browse the Samba shares causes the well known error message: 
"\\kermit is not accessible.
The remote procedure call failed and did not execute."
Turning nt smb support = no and nt pipe support = no helps. But browsing is 
very slow.

3rd problem:
I'm unable to connect to my printer using Win2000. Windows Error: "Unable to 
connect to printer".
I can print with NT4.0.

Suse Linux 6.1 with Kernel 2.2.10 and Glibc 2.0.x

Thanks for your time,
Christoph Peterson

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