file problem with sun2.6 newest patches and samba2.04b

Simon Murcott simonmu at
Thu Jul 8 21:41:53 GMT 1999

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, vogel wrote:

   after an attack  we patched our Sun Sparc20 (solaris 2.6) (samba 2.0
   beta) with the newest sun patchclusters. Then we had problemes with smal
   files (e.g. for word). Then we updated to samba 2.04b. But
   the problems remaind.
   our thoughts abaut the problem
   1. the kernel (solaris 2.6) caches the files and Samba has a problem
   getting them
   2. word has a problem with samba
   3. trojaner in our system

You have not mentioned with particular patch set you have used.

I have about fourty Solaris 2.6 all patched with the latest Recommended,
Security and Y2K patches as of two weeks ago. I have not seen any problems other
than we are also running DiskSuite 4.1 and this needed some special patches

Does `/usr/bin/uname -v` give you 105181-13. If not you should get this patch
coz there are some important things here.


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