questions with Samba as a PDC

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Thu Jul 8 21:02:11 GMT 1999


We've been using Samba 2.0.2 on a Solaris 2.6 machine for file and print

services only successfully for a while.  I finally made the changes so
Samba is now a PDC and roaming profiles appear to work (only tested so
far with a WinNTSP3 workstation).

My questions that follow would apply if I was using the CVS code as
well, so if anyone can provide suggestions they are greatly
appreciated.  :-)

1.  If you absolutely have to have an entry for each machine/workstation
in /etc/passwd and the smbpasswd, this requires that I give each machine

a unique UID?  For example if I have more than 100 workstations to add
I'm going to have to assign 100 different UIDs.  Our campus uses global
UIDs so I only have a few UIDs to work with (only numbers < 500 are

2.  Are there any limits/restrictions on how many domain users/entries
can have with version 2.0.2?  I read on the NTDOM list recently that in
a CVS code version there was a limit of 250 domain users with Samba as
the PDC.

3.  Do the entries in the NTDOM_FAQ only pertain to the CVS Head?


a.  The parameters "domain group map", "local group map", and "domain
user map" are "unknown" to Samba 2.0.2   Do they work with Samba 2.0.4b
or only the CVS Head?   I want to give some users Administrator
privileges on their local machine.

b.  I would like to use the "unix password sync" setup described since
my samba server is also my Solaris NIS master.

Thank you all for your assistance and documentation!

Melissa Thrush
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