ldap groupldap.c

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Thu Jul 8 16:23:13 GMT 1999

I think the "(member=%s,*)" in the ldapsearch don't works fine...
perhaps is better "(member=%s)" adding the group members (a line for
member) with a "add: member...".

The code I suggest to change is:
static BOOL ldapgroup_getusergroups(const char *name, DOMAIN_GRP
**groups,int *num_grps)
        slprintf(filter, sizeof(pstring)-1,
                 "(&(member=%s,*)(objectclass=sambaGroup))", name);
>       slprintf(filter, sizeof(pstring)-1,
>                "(&(member=%s)(objectclass=sambaGroup))", name);

An other question, someone knows what sambaAlias is?

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