How unstable is the CVS source?: smbpasswd

Samuel Liddicott sam at
Thu Jul 8 09:05:34 GMT 1999

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> I just got the latest CVS and the entire getpwnam interface has been
> rewritten, so you can forget the patch.  The SIGBUS no longer happens
> (although my login/connection attempts always fail now ;)

See a recent posting by Michael Stockman,

>   if (lp_server_ntlmv2() == False)
>   {
>     DEBUG(...);
>     return False;
>   }

Comment out this block in smbd/password.c and passwords will work.  (Unless
of course this is fixed in the CVS (and the fix may be different than to
comment it out)).

That will fix your login problem but you may find that policies don't work.


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