Samba won't make itself PDC

Aaron Rainwater aar at
Wed Jul 7 20:08:40 GMT 1999

That page is great, and I noticed the "os level"
setting on that page right before getting an email
suggesting trying that.  It works!!!  Thanks!  :)
(You too Vladimir!)

Matthew Keller wrote:
> Aaron Rainwater wrote:
> > I'm a silly elf...That's what I meant...
> >
> > I've tried figuring out how to rejoin my NT machine to the domain,
> > but it doesn't seem to be working.
>         Does it have an entry in passwd as machine_name$ ? Did you export it to
> smbpasswd? Did you add it? (smbpasswd -a machine_name -j PDC_name) ?
>         The link below is a good walkthrough on PDC configuration. I've used it
> a lot on a ton of servers.

Aaron Rainwater
CADC Co-op

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