Samba won't make itself PDC

Aaron Rainwater aar at
Wed Jul 7 19:06:38 GMT 1999

I have an NT Terminal Server machine that keeps on winning the
election for Domain controller, but I don't even know why
it's trying, since I installed it as a stand-alone, and it
acts like a stand-alone in every way but this.  My Samba
server is configured to be the domain controller and appears
to be acting like it is, but when I run smbclient it tells me
the domain master is my NT machine.  Also, when I try to logon
to the Samba domain, my password is rejected like the account
doesn't exist, and this would make sense if the NT machine is
treating itself as domain master.

Is there a way to force NT to not act as a PDC after installation.
As a matter of fact, it seems all my windows machines want to be
the domain master.  How do I beat them into submission?!

Aaron Rainwater
CADC Co-op

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