smbpasswd (ldap) can add group?

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Wed Jul 7 15:27:10 GMT 1999

At now the only method I found for set the gidnumber (and the grouprid)
is a ldapmodify with a ldif record like:
dn: uid=037100, o=SMB-Universidad de Navarra, c=ES
changetype: modify
replace: gidnumber
gidnumber: 202
someone knows if the smbpasswd compiled with ldap support can ad the
gidnumber (the Unix group number) directly?

Thanks in advance
Ignacio Coupeau, Ph.D.     e-mail: icoupeau at
CTI, Director              fax:    948 425619
University of Navarra      voice:  948 425600
Pamplona, SPAIN  

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