NT, Printing

cly at sunshine.bke.hu cly at sunshine.bke.hu
Wed Jul 7 12:16:19 GMT 1999

I have the same problem.
At the end of nt_printing.c I see some descriptions, but no txt.

[1999/07/07 13:52:57, 2] printing/nt_printing.c:get_a_printer_2(785)
  cannot open printer file [/etc/NTprinter_printers]
[1999/07/07 13:52:57, 6] printing/nt_printing.c:dump_a_printer(993)
  Dumping printer at level [2]
  NULL pointer, memory not alloced ?
[1999/07/07 13:52:57, 4] printing/nt_printing.c:free_a_printer(1099)
  freeing a printer at level [2]

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