samba 2.0.4b PDC / win95 / winNT

Patrick OLINET olinet at
Wed Jul 7 07:29:33 GMT 1999


I'm using Samba 2.0.4b on a linux machine (redhat 5.1, kernel 2.2.1) as
a PDC server. There are in the domain a NT workstation (Service Pack 1)
and a win95 (OSR2) machine (in fact, these two machines are virtual
because i'm using vmware on the linux box, but I don't think it makes
any differences).

All work fine except one little thing : on the NT machine, when I login
on the domain, I can't access the shares of the win95 machine. An error
message "Access refused" is displayed. In fact I can't even see the
shares list. If I login as the local Administrator on the NT machine, I
can access the shares of the 95 box. From the linux box, I have always
access to all the shares.

Maybe this problem isn't a Samba problem, but a NT domain administration
problem... Has anybody ever seen it ?

Patrick Olinet

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