what prealpha works best?

Samuel Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Tue Jul 6 10:19:23 GMT 1999

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> Subject: what prealpha works best?
> does anyone have a pre-alpha working with redhat 6.0?
> what date is it from?
> I need the NT PDC stuff, and need to put it into a production environment
> kinda quickly.
> anyone have any suggestions?
> what is the most stable 2.1pre that can handle domain group stuff?

It depends what clients you will be using.  Will you be using winNT only
clients, or win95 too?

The current 2.1pre release does not work with win95 clients and hasn't for
some time.  Luke probably knows when the changes were made that broke this
as he knows what those changes were.

So... being a pre-alpha whichever is best for you really depends on your
exact circumstances, but the best way to find out is to try one, if it fails
talk about symptoms so we can identify the fault and if it was introduced
recently you could move back to before it was introduced.


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