How to retain admin privs on NTws after logging into samba domain?

Donjuma Lee dlee at
Tue Jul 6 00:52:14 GMT 1999

check the NT DOMAIN FAQ, and create a policy file

Allen Bolderoff wrote:

> I have a Samba PDC set up (no NTServer here) and I would like to ask a few
> questions.
> 1stly - THANKYOU to all who have contributed to a great program.
> ok.
> I can log in ok, I have roaming profiles set up great. everything looks to
> work just fine.
> except. - if I have the administration user log in and authenticate off of
> the samba PDC, it loses all admin privs on the nt workstation.
> How do we assign privileges to SAMBA PDC Users that work on the local
> machine?

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