domain authentication with nt

Jason Brooks JasonB at
Mon Jul 5 16:24:33 GMT 1999


I would like my samba server to pass all authentication requests to another
NT PDC.  I think I have this but I need to verify something: I think if the
pdc returns authorization ok, connection is allowed to the samba server.  If
the pdc is down, or denies authentication, the samba server then checks the
smbpasswd file.  What I am unclear on is ensuring there doesn't need to be
an entry in the smbpasswd file or the local passwd file in order to
authenticate (assuming the NT server would authenticate of course).  can
this be explicity configured?

Next thought:  I have managed to get mod_auth_pam for apache functioning (I
think) and pam_smb to function: for example, I modified my linux login
process to authenticate with the NT server instead of with the onboard
passwd file.  The problem seems to be that I must have an entry in the
smbpasswd file in order to be allowed access once authentication is granted
from the nt server.  This is my testing so far.  eventually, I need to be
able to authenticate customers from my apache server via smb vice the
current system (mysql).  Plus, When it does fail, I can't seem to determine
if the nt server refuses me or there is some handling error.  any

Thanks for your time, 


--Jason Brooks

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