Problems with 2.1.0a initial setup

John Parsons ees3jp at
Mon Jul 5 11:59:53 GMT 1999

I am still having problems getting Samba 2.1.0prealpha working on my 2.5.1

I have cut down my smb.conf file to the following:


  netbios name = HAN
  workgroup = SCSNT
  security = user

  comment = Home Directories
  browseable = no
  writable = yes
  create mode = 0750
  directory mode = 0750
  invalid users = root
  locking = no

I still get the following error message:

#smbclient -L servername
Added interface blah! blah! the right numbers are used for IP Broadcast and
Password: (return)
failed session setup
failed session request

I have tested the smb.conf file with no errors, nmblookup gives the right
results.  I cannot test any further as it seems to be the smbd thats at
fault.  Could it be the way I have compiled the source, i.e. does it compile
properly on 2.5.1?

Please help, this is really getting up my nose!!!!



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