samba and vmware

Scott Barker scott at
Sun Jul 4 19:56:17 GMT 1999

Several people responded to my request for help in this matter. Thank you.
>From reading the several technical documents and articles I was pointed to, I
have determined that duplicate SIDs will not be a problem, because I am
operating in a purely domain environment with no local NT accounts, and
duplicate SIDs only cause a problem in peer workgroups with local accounts.

However, the problem of duplicate names remains. The free program NEWSID can
change the computer's name for me. Does anyone know of a way I can invoke this
program after NT get's it's DHCP information, but before it tries to join the
domain? I figure if I can grab the hostname provided by DHCP, and change the
machine name to match before the computer joins the domain, my problem should
be solved.

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