SIGBUS Fix (diff) (fwd)

Andy Smith abs at
Fri Jul 2 16:05:46 GMT 1999

On Fri, Jul 02, 1999 at 11:05:39AM +1000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> please could people try this out and let me know what happens?  thx!

It works for me (on 2.1.0-prealpha) insofar that I can login to the
domain, but somewhere along the line I have lost the ability to browse
a samba (or any other) domain client, the NT gui tells me "incorrect
password or user name" and prompts me for "Connect As" and "Password",
which of course also fail.

Reversing the change to username.c does not fix this, so it must be some
other recent CVS change....

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