New CVS build of Samba probs

John Parsons ees3jp at
Fri Jul 2 15:23:13 GMT 1999

I have just compiled the latest CVS samba source, 2.1.0prealpha, on my
Solaris 2.5.1 Sparc20 and have run into a problem.  I used the command
./confgure --prefix=/opt/PDsamba/2.1.0a --sysconfdir=/opt/PDsamba/2.1.0a/etc
so have no additional features compiled in.  This is what I have currently
in the Global section of my smb.conf file:


  workgroup = SCSNT
  domain master = true
  preferred master = true
  local master = true
  os level = 65

  security = user
  domain logons = yes
  logon path = \\naboo\profiles\%U
  encrypt passwords = yes
  smbpasswd file = /opt/PDsamba/private/smbpasswd

  domain group map = /opt/PDsamba/lib/
  local group map = /opt/PDsamba/lib/
  domain user map = /opt/PDsamba/lib/

# This MUST come at the *end* of the [global] section!

  include = /etc/smb.conf

--end of pasting
But, even with a basic smb.conf just assigning the workgroup, the following

When I run smbclient -L han (my samba server), I get a couple of error

Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Password:  (where I just hit enter)
failed session setup
failed session request

I have a debug listing of the command at a debug level of 20, but it was
rather large so didn't include it.  If anyone can help, I can send the
listing if needed.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong?

I have been using 2.0.4b just as a normal samba server, not with any CVS
source and everything works fine.



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