size and number of smbd processes

William Longman bill at
Thu Jul 1 15:24:38 GMT 1999

At 10:39 PM 7/1/99 +1000, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Michael Glauche wrote:
>> but I think you cannot calculate 60x1700 = space
>> used by samba (correct me if I'm wrong) because 
>> of the shared librarys and calls to fork() (which 
>> uses the same code segment, and only creates a 
>> new data segment)
>Normally what I use in memory calcuations is the working 
>set of the process.  This is available from many tools 
>including top, qps, and others.
>As an aside, I'm curious.  Could people forward me 
>the following info?
>	* Samba version your running
>	* the total allocated memory per 
>	    smbd process on average
>	* the working set of memory for 
>	    each smbd on average
>The reason I ask is because this seems to vary drastically
>between platforms.  The report here was for ~1.7Mb per smbd.
>Luke has mentioned before a number of 600 - 800K for the 
>working set.  However, on Solaris 2.6, I daily see
>2.5Mb for the working set for each smbd using 2.0.3.

I, too, am getting 2696kB/smbd process on Sol2.6 (UltraSPARC, 2.0.3 samba).
Total alloc is 4328kB.


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