size and number of smbd processes

Mattias Laage laage at
Thu Jul 1 14:40:23 GMT 1999

Gerald Carter wrote:

> The reason I ask is because this seems to vary drastically
> between platforms.  The report here was for ~1.7Mb per smbd.
> Luke has mentioned before a number of 600 - 800K for the
> working set.  However, on Solaris 2.6, I daily see
> 2.5Mb for the working set for each smbd using 2.0.3.

the samba smbd executable measures  1.15 M on my HPUX.
The  version is 2.0.0 (maybe I should get an update :-) )
the size command says 809K (text-segment) and 88K (data-segments added)
the top command reports all smbd  processes with more or less 1.7M
If we can regard the text-segment as shared there remains a rest of  ~900K
for each process ?


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