enumberated steps to setting up samba 2.0 as PDC?

Fred Clift fred at cs.byu.edu
Fri Jan 29 21:45:52 GMT 1999

I figured out my problem.  

I had security=domain in my smb.conf file.  Being new to samba, it
seemed 'intuitive' that if I wanted samba to be a PDC that
security=domain is the logical choice.  Now that I understand what it
is saying (find a remote machine that is the PDC for our domain and
have it authenticate, instead of me) it makes sense that samba'd try
to look up it's own machine key to try to communicate with it's PDC.
There wasn't one, since it was the PDC and hence, the error I got.

Making security=user fixed it and now it works great.

My main problem was thinking I knew what I was doing when I didn't.

Hm, Jerry Carter, is this something that could be added to the faq?
I guess it isn't really that frequent, so perhpas not.  Maybe add it
to the NTDOMAIN.txt file where it talks about setting these things

At any rate, thanks for everyone's prompt help.  Now off to figure out
how roaming profiles work...

--> fred

Fred Clift - fred at cs.byu.edu Systems Manager - Computer Science - BYU
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