enumberated steps to setting up samba 2.0 as PDC?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jan 29 20:08:26 GMT 1999

Have you read the NTDOM FAQ on the Samba web site?  
Particularly section 2?

Fred Clift wrote:
> I'm looking for some document that contains 'here are the 5 things you
> do to set up samba as a PDC'.  I realize that the functionality in 2.0
> isn't all there, but I've talked to people who are doing exactly what
> I want to do with 2.0.  Any pointers?
> I was told by another person that the pdc needs to have the file
> DOMAIN.NETBIOSNAME.mac in /usr/local/private but the only thing I've
> seen that makes such files is smbpasswd -j which is 'aparently' for
> joining an existing domain.  When I

That is correct.  The Samba PDC will not have a *mac 
file in private/

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