enumberated steps to setting up samba 2.0 as PDC?

Fred Clift fred at cs.byu.edu
Fri Jan 29 18:32:23 GMT 1999

I'm looking for some document that contains 'here are the 5 things you
do to set up samba as a PDC'.  I realize that the functionality in 2.0
isn't all there, but I've talked to people who are doing exactly what
I want to do with 2.0.  Any pointers?

Or, if no such document exists, can you tell me what I've done wrong

smbd logs the following error while a client is trying to join my
domain TESTER.

[1999/01/29 11:27:12, 0] passdb/smbpassfile.c:(120)
  trust_password_lock: cannot open file
  /usr/local/samba/private/TESTER.VESPA.mac - Error was No such file
  or directory.

[1999/01/29 11:27:12, 0] passdb/smbpassfile.c:(289)
  domain_client_validate: unable to open the machine account password
  file for machine VESPA in domain TESTER.

I was told by another person that the pdc needs to have the file
DOMAIN.NETBIOSNAME.mac in /usr/local/private but the only thing I've
seen that makes such files is smbpasswd -j which is 'aparently' for
joining an existing domain.  When I

vespa# smbpasswd -j TESTER -r vespa 

I get 

"Cannot join domain TESTER as the domain controller name is our own. We
cannot be a domain controller for a domain and also be a domain

Incidentally, I have encrypted passwords working just fine and I can
mount workgroup shares just fine...

Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give me.

--> fred

Fred Clift - fred at cs.byu.edu Systems Manager - Computer Science - BYU
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