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Frank Hartung frankh at umpa01.gwdg.de
Fri Jan 29 10:46:02 GMT 1999

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Frank Hartung wrote:
> >
> > is there a way to configure Samba to use local profiles
> > (like our NT Server). I dont want to put the profiles on
> > the net due to our heavy network traffic (slow network, hope
> > this will change soon). What option should i use?
> Haven't tested this, but try
>         logon path = c:\winnt\profiles\%U
> You might also want to play with wether or not
> %SystemRoot% environment variable works in the
> string.

I think this is not a solution for that problem. Specifying a path like
%SystemRoot%\profile\%U is also a server profile, but it is stored at
the local hard disk. In addition this cause an interaction with the
local profiles (there are always local copys of the profiles) because of
equal directory names. Example: I have a local user Administrator with
the profile .../profiles/Administratior and a Network Administrator with
the profile .../profiles/Administrator.000. The server profile of the
Administrator is then occupied by the local Administrator. I think,
during logon process there must be a packape that switch between local
and server profiles (i found a dialog box with this items) and it looks
like samba is always choosing the server profile. Any ideas? When not, i
have to go thru the code and the debug messages to find this stuff.

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