Encrypted passwords really necessary for PDC ?

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Thu Jan 28 19:18:38 GMT 1999

> On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Christian Barth wrote:
> > (I'm asking this, because I can't get unix passwd sync working: When 
> > I debugg it, it works; when a users uses it it doesn't.)
> what version of samba?  it's working for me with samba-2.0.0 and solaris
> 2.5.
2.0beta1 and beta2, but there were also problems with 1.9.18p10.
It's a RedHat 5.1 System on Intel.

> when you say it works when you debug it but not when a user uses it, what
> do you mean by 'when you debug it'?
- raising the samba debug level to 100 and setting passwd chat debug 
  = true. 
- doing "su - <dummy-user>", changing his password, realizing that it 
- lowering the debug level again, switching of passwd chat debug off
- doing "su - <dummy-user> again, realizint it is still working

Well, 2 or 3 day later a user arives and reportes problems and is 
sure that the new passwd fulfills all the rules.

- I try it again, it is not working and the above is repeated.

But I haven't looked at it deeper.

> when you debug it are you always changing the password as root?
see above, I don't think so.
The dummy-user is a normel user, just not deleted when he left us.
> have you tried setting password chat debug and debug level 100 and then
> have a non-root user change their password?
Haven't captured a failier yet.
> i'm wondering if the password chat is different during your debug testing
> and your non-root user testing.
Yes, it is unchanged.

The main problem is, I have no I idea were to start debugging. 

Thanks for your help



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