Encrypted passwords really necessary for PDC ?

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Thu Jan 28 14:03:41 GMT 1999

> 	We use Clyde Hoover's npasswd on Solaris boxes as a replacement for the
> standard passwd program and have hacked that to call the SAMBA smbpasswd
> program.  So when a user changes their password under Solaris smbpasswd
> gets updated as well.  We needed to use an Expect script to get round
> smbpasswd wanting terminal input, but otherwise it was pretty
> straightforward.
Sounds good. But want about users invoking smbpasswd directly or 
changing their passwords from the net, for example from NT with 
Are you working with "unix passwd sync" or is there an easy way to 
configure samba not to change passwords remotly.

(I'm asking this, because I can't get unix passwd sync working: When 
I debugg it, it works; when a users uses it it doesn't.)



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