Slightly OT: ipfwadm and Samba

Dave J. Andruczyk dave at
Wed Jan 27 13:48:56 GMT 1999

> NT and Win95 workstations were unable to log in.  Everyone who was on
> the network could work, printer shairng worked, everything worked,
> except that noone was able to log on (the message we got was that 1) the
> roving profile was not available and 2)  no domain controller was
> available).
> I got a lot of rejections of UDP ports 67 and 68 in the messages files;
> about one every 30 seconds.  I have no idea what ports 67 & 68 do for NT
> and Win95 logins; ports 137-139 were open.

bootps          67/udp                          # bootp server
bootpc          68/udp                          # bootp client
 (from /etc/services)

you have machines asking for IP addresses.  Are you running multiple
protocols on your winblows boxes??  that is known to cause trouble with
logons, as winblows tries to use netbeui first.  its is usually the best
to run with TCP/IP as the ONLY protocol on the workstations..  This is
documented somewhere in the samba docs...
> I would appreciate if anyone could share a working ipfwadm config or at
> least point me in the right direction.  I can't seem to protect my
> system without bringing down the network, and it's really bugging me.


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