Updated FAQ

Andrew Radke andrew at radke.iig.com.au
Wed Jan 27 06:25:50 GMT 1999

This is something I have been trying to get to work for the last week or so
with a mod_put and have been very unhappy with the results (and security for
that matter). What is this mod_roaming and where do I get it...

Thanks in advance,

Jim Farrell wrote:

> How about trying the "roaming profile" option of Netscape 4.5?  Not sure
> if that presents a security problem or such in an NT environment.  Roaming
> profiles can be used if you have Netscape's latest server software, or if
> you use apache with mod_roaming.  I use this at work, and get the added
> benefit that I can keep my netscape preferences/bookmarks consistent
> between the 5 or 6 machines I access on a daily basis....
> -- jim
> On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Allen Reese wrote:
> > I have Netscape storing it's profiles on a network drive.

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