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Jamie ffolliott jmeff at engsoc.queensu.ca
Tue Jan 26 23:28:37 GMT 1999

Yup.. in the IEAK 4.01a wizard, it looks like there's an option to disable
the roaming cache.  It means building a custom build of IE4.

You could also configure "automatic configuration" and have it load the
config file from a URL (updates every X minutes).

Check out the IE Admin Kit.


On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Ankit Shah wrote:

> Does anyone have any clue about how to handle the issue of cache for
> Internet Explorer ? WinNT stores everything under profile which get copied
> back and forth to server creating enormous amont of net trafic and very
> slow logins. 
> I know how to do it for a single user, but if anybody has an idea for
> doing this for a bulk of users, I would be interested.
> Thanks.
> Ankit
> On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Andy Bakun wrote:
> :-)Shane Jensen wrote:
> :-)
> :-)> Netscape on the network is fairly simple.  How I did it on my side was use
> :-)> smb to map a home drive (\\homes\user to h:\) for each user.  Install
> :-)> Netscape but when prompted for the user directory, specify something like
> :-)> h:\netscape\ (Netscape defaults to c:\program
> :-)> files\netscape\users\username).  This path needs to be the same for all
> :-)> users on all machines.
> :-)
> :-)Be sure you name the profile 'default', not the username.  Netscape stores some
> :-)stuff, apparently, in the local machine registry or in conf file on the local
> :-)machine, and I've seen stuff like "H:\netscape\wtownsl2 doesn't exist" when the
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