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At 05:57 AM 1/27/99 +1100, you wrote:
>Greetings all...
>I've updated a few things on the FAQ (only the HTML version) 
>just to let you know.
>* It is possible with some tools to include domain 
>  users in NTFS directory and file ACLs.  However, explorer.exe
>  is not one of these tools.  However, \winnt\system32\calcs.exe
>  does! This is working against CVS source code from mid 
>  december with a couple of small fixes.  Haven't tried 
>  it against today's source. Anyone feel up to it?

Just as a side note, 95/98 will allow user level security, and will verify
users via SAMBA 2.0.?? and up,
it just cant get the user list.. I have found ways to get around this..
after you enable user level security, specifying the domain to get users
from ( your Workgroup perameter in smb.conf  ), share the drive/directory,
and dont 'add' any users. then, under the registry key:
are the drive/paths that you have shared..... you can add a key simmilar to:



and under the registry key:
are the resource name/types, you dont need to manually enter anything
there, just thought someone
would want to know. :)

More info can be found at
there's even a simple web-interface to make a registry key, 
This is very primative, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, It will only make shares 1
level deep, so c:\shared\docs wont work, just c:\shared will, however after
you see what its doing, you should be able to figure out how to add keys
yourself. if you would like to see a shell script that does basically the
same thing, it in the same directory, called regmaker.sh, its a bash scipt
although it _should_ work with any shell, the only externals it needs are
tr and perl, eventually I will convert it all to a perl script, I just
havent had the time.


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