Updated FAQ

Andy Bakun abakun at reac.com
Tue Jan 26 22:40:38 GMT 1999

Shane Jensen wrote:

> Netscape on the network is fairly simple.  How I did it on my side was use
> smb to map a home drive (\\homes\user to h:\) for each user.  Install
> Netscape but when prompted for the user directory, specify something like
> h:\netscape\ (Netscape defaults to c:\program
> files\netscape\users\username).  This path needs to be the same for all
> users on all machines.

Be sure you name the profile 'default', not the username.  Netscape stores some
stuff, apparently, in the local machine registry or in conf file on the local
machine, and I've seen stuff like "H:\netscape\wtownsl2 doesn't exist" when the
user "abakun" is logging in.  This wont happen if you have it store the profile
in a directory named the same for each one.

When it prompts for a profile directory, give it


Or, don't give it a username at all... H:\netscape, as Shane pointed out,
should do just fine, as long as all the machines have netscape set to read the
profile from the same exact directory.

> When a new user is added, you log on as that user, run the Netscape profile
> manager and enter the path.  Works great for a small number of users, but
> can bog down a network with too many users due to Netscape referencing its
> cache.

You can solve this by directing it to store the cache locally.  I put it in
C:\Program Files\Netscape\Cache.  Unfortuantely, this needs to be done for each
account, but with login script trickery, and the fact that Netscape prefs are
stored in plain text (thank god!) in prefs.js, you can edit all of them to set
the values for certain perferences from the server.  BTW, here's a trick:

echo "preferences line" >> prefs.js

No need to remove the old "preferences line" that you are replacing... Netscape
reads the entire file, and prefs that come later override the ones that come

> You don't have to set up multiple users with Netscape since Netscape will
> look in h:\netscape\ when it is launched.  With this method a user network
> home directory is required.

I'm using this setup with ~30 machines and users.  Works like a charm.


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