LDAP to replace smbpasswd

Carlos del Castillo Peralta castillo at latinet.com.mx
Tue Jan 26 19:35:09 GMT 1999

I'm very interested in this thing too. I'm trying to use nss_ldap so I
can use a Directory to control my users. But I need some solution  for
NT accounts. may be I can use the Netscape Directory Server Sync.
Program To syng info between NT and LDAP. But I think that would be a
great idea to use samba instead of an NT machine.

	If anyone knows about LDAP support in Samba please tell me.


Simon Murcott wrote:
> Hi People,
> I have not heard anything lately regarding the LDAP support in samba.
> I am about to try and setup a NIS/SMB domain using LDAP as the center
> "hub" of it all. Have there been any success stories? How is the
> stability/speed of authentication?
> I have not been able to track down the schema that microsoft published a
> wee while back. If anyone has a copy could they please send it to me.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> Simon Murcott
> S.Murcott at optimation.co.nz
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