Updated FAQ

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jan 26 18:56:10 GMT 1999

Greetings all...

I've updated a few things on the FAQ (only the HTML version) 
just to let you know.

* It is possible with some tools to include domain 
  users in NTFS directory and file ACLs.  However, explorer.exe
  is not one of these tools.  However, \winnt\system32\calcs.exe
  does! This is working against CVS source code from mid 
  december with a couple of small fixes.  Haven't tried 
  it against today's source. Anyone feel up to it?

* If you don't have an NT Server CD, but need a copy of 
  the polciy editor:

	- one is included with SP3 (never chacked SP4)
	- You can download the policy template files for 
	  Office97 and get a copy of poledit.exe as well
	  (don't remember wher i downloaded these from 
	  right now)

Later everyone,
                            Gerald ( Jerry ) Carter	
Engineering Network Services                           Auburn University 
jerry at eng.auburn.edu             http://www.eng.auburn.edu/users/cartegw

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