NT as backup Domain Controller

Dave Airlie airlied at csn.ul.ie
Tue Jan 26 11:32:16 GMT 1999

There is currently no support for PDC<->BDC replication as per the MS
protocols for it ... I think some people have done some hand replication
for two Linux boxes for failover solutions but there is no support for the
MS stuff at present ...

It not the nicest protocol in the world from what I hear :-) ..

pam_smb team :-P

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Mark Bishop wrote:

> Tonight I was going to setup an NT machine as a Backup Domain Controller
> to a Domain controlled by a Samba server and I ran into a few problems
> with it.  One of the last steps of the installation you must put in the
> Domain/Admin Name/Pword of the Domain it will be attached to and it comes
> up with a message similar to 'This machine name is already configured as a
> Workstation or Server in this Domain.' and kicks me out.  I can't finish
> the installation.  I thought it was possible to have an NT machine
> serve as a backup domain controller.  Do any of you have any experience 
> in setting this up? Any help or direction you can provide would be greatly
> appreciated.
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