login/policy fixed - access97 prob

Jamie ffolliott jmeff at engsoc.queensu.ca
Tue Jan 26 03:40:37 GMT 1999

Hi there,

I found the cause of the "the local policy does not allow you to
login interactively" error, and got a new quirk for you guys.

I can't open an Access 97 file off a samba share, using 2.1 prealpha, CVS
update from today, on RH5.2 linux.  Double-clicking opens up Access but
doesn't open up the file.  A File-open does nothing either.

The fix to the "local policy" prob was to give "Authenticated Users"
rights to "log on locally" in the User Manager (local) policy of the NT
workstation.  Thanks Gerry for mentioning this before - guess we
were a bit stubborn.

To do this, you have to remove the workstation from the
domain, reboot, make the change, then add the workstation back to the
domain.  We only had to go through this because we had removed "everyone"
from the list to "log on locally" before (there by default), but it's
odd that NT complained because the "users" group was in the list and that
contains the "Domain Users" group.

I tried using the smbdomaingroup.map file to map users="Domain Users"
which (ideally) would have fixed the problem, but that had no affect, so
domain group mapping in 2.1prealpha may need a fix here.

Jamie ffolliott
Queen's Engineering Society

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