Passwd/smbpasswd Sync

Chris Wood cwood at
Mon Jan 25 17:38:10 GMT 1999

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Matt Chapman wrote:

> Chris Wood wrote:
> > I see how samba wants to sync the smbpasswd->/etc/passwd, but how does it
> > handle it when the passwd file is changed first?
> >
> > My first guess is to just have users use smbpasswd to change the password
> > and then it will update /etc/passwd automatically.  So, I'd always change
> > smbpasswd first and let it change /etc/passwd.  I would never go
> > passwd->smbpasswd.  Is that how everyone else is handling it?
> If you are using the "unix password sync" option , then yes, you should give
> your users smbpasswd instead of passwd to make sure their passwords stay in
> sync.

How are others handling it when a new user is added to the unix passwd
file and then the passwd and smbpasswd are out of sync?  I used the to create the file, but another admin has already added a
couple more users to passwd and my smbpasswd is outdated already.  

Is there another tool that will pull the UID and USERNAME out of the
passwd and add it to the smbpasswd (obviously without duplicating)?  If
not, is everyone just manually updating both files when a new user is

And last question.... if you're using unix passwd aging, does that mess
everything up since passwords are normally changed in smbpasswd and then
CHAT updated to passwd (smbpasswd->passwd) rather than passwd->smbpasswd?

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