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Scott Ruffner jpr9c at
Mon Jan 25 16:59:21 GMT 1999

Hello All,

A while back there were a few messages on the list about NIS-Samba
related development.  I'm interested in getting involved in this, or
getting some suggestions if somebody's already come up with a solution.

My goal is to get our unix and NT password databases at least consistent
(if not consolidated), without user intervention (ie, without users
remembering to change their passwords on both systems). I'd like to set
up all of our Samba Servers as Domain Controllers, and shut off the NT
servers.  I'd planned on making our NIS master the PDC as well, which
would have solved the problem by using one passwd file.  However, we
also use encrypted passwords now, and that sticks me with two files.  

I'm not terribly worried about NT users, since smbpasswd on the PDC will
also take care of modifying /etc/passwd, and I expect it's no big deal
to replace smbpasswd with a little shell wrapper to also push the new
passwd map.  However, going the other way does not appear to be so
simple.  It seems that ideally one would want to modify the yppasswdd so
that it also updates smbpasswd, and in the event samba users aren't
running NTDOM, pushes the new smbpasswd map.  

I'd love to do a little hacking on this, but I don't know if there's
already something out there, or an existing development branch for
this.  If nobody's working on this, then any suggestions, wisdom, input,
etc. would be most welcome; especially if I'm a knucklehead and missing
a really obvious and easy way of doing this.


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